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pc history and operating sysytem facts and myths

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ok theirs thousands of posts fights on every forums over right wrong good bad


i will try to give you only facts from my 30+ years as a network and pc specialist


ok let’s start old school


Who here remembers pent 2 pent 3


Who remembers windows me


Microsoft threw me version out fast and almost untested


Me was very unstable and finicky it also ran like crap till you put allot of memory in the computer


Then maybe out of order o well


They started xp


And most pcs came with home version most people bought home version


Home was ok it left out pro tools and a few others


But home was unstable and vulnerable it liked to crash and that’s one reason allot didn’t like or trust xp


What wasn’t told or known very well


Was a xp had a version called cooperate edition (yes true made for business but home users never had problems using it)


Cooperate before service packs was solid


Add service pack one and a few others stay away from service pack 2


cooperate xp was the one windows that Microsoft took time and updates to make it as close to rock solid as it gets


Myself and most my customers ran that version


it took kid abuse bad installs failed install everything it could be stopped it could be damaged crashed it just took allot of effort to do it


Lets debunk the news scam about xp support xp updates stopping


False if you have xp cooperate or other versions running your fine no problems


There is nothing to worry about before service pack one i ran years not a single update


Some is my opinion or what i found as a tec sorry if i go that way hard not to its what i have seen


xp will forever run forever meet our needs


What the first thing is does your pc still make you happy meet your needs etc can it have me upgrades maybe even hard drive


i found in my were 50 percent were happy and the ones not happy a memory stick fixed


the rest scared of the news and Microsoft warnings


fact i forget what year win 7 started coming out but it was released on machines not ready for that type of systems


We were still running sdram and pent 4 no ddr or dual core or the fast one before dual


and it crashed it failed it locked these old pcs hard i lost count of calls to go back to xp


Ok 7 is out and doing ok typical Microsoft home is touch and go


Most dual core 4 gig ddr i found 7 to be slow and tricky


My home pc i crashed 7 5 times 4 or more virus spyware crashed with protection on it


i finally got it stable


This brings the myth i may not have finished about all the forums and news say xp is stopping


Look above about updates no need to repeat


What the truth is


New pcs my hp any brand even if you custom build they are with Microsoft they work together


Anyway the new pcs are pushing the win7 win 8


thats the truth to the xp reports


the ne computers without days and maybe never of trying to find drivers


new pcs have to have win 7 or 8 without drivers a pc wont run or recognize usb video everything


now we go off the promise at the top my opinion and review


7 unstable mouthy locks you out pops up warnings about everything


i use a unlock program for those areas windows try to tell me no uhh no windows to date will tell me no


i used programs to shut  security center and all the annoying popups and use my own security and now stable and fine for a year or so


i see first impression of win 7 it looks acts to me like its for children schools people who crash windows all the time


and right now the first releases of 8 are a mess and i say ugly im not into all that garbage on the front so i just want my desktop not social crap i dont use


another lesion opinion i have learned over the years and have seen all over forums


Quit updating crap old is faster and better


i saw one post had media player what is it up to 20 anyway didnt work worth a crap


most new stuff is cpu and mem heavy focusing on super pcs not our normal


personally i run firfox ver 9 old fast secure nice


i only update important codec’s and a few others


people jump on video and other hard ware updates


well one time we up dated the video it crashed went to old was fine


a couple theory’s and advice i give my customers


i say is it running ok is video fine for what you use is software running fine


if it is leave it alone stop going for glorified new stuff


50 percent of my customers are on old pcs some even old pent 3


because i slow them down and ask is it doing what you want? can some ram make it better


if so why waste money and headache of learning all new


parents with kids broadband these old farts fly


just use the net great tile and other light games like my grandma love find


you find these everywhere garage sales dumpsters gold just laying around


working or strip parts laptops pcs i got myself a great 5 pound pent 4 hp laptop just needs ram and hard drive to slow right now


to each there own but the truth and myths have to be broken


it makes me sad people wasting money because of scare tactics store sales tactics when the truth is what they had just needed ram or drive cleaned and defragmented


elderly disabled low income wasting money on pcs they dont need


yes there are now requirements on some websites that can hinder older pcs but that old pen 4 laptop last i ran it firefox 9 always made those sites happy and i could go anywhere



hope maybe this helps someone or saves someone money or warning whatever


we all have our views and rights to them but i refuse scare tactics and not telling the truth just because your a gamer or high end when others are not and dont even need to buy a pc


hey yall take care and have a great week

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