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Talented person you admire

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So, we have talked about what to do to find inspiration and what things inspires us. I was wondering if you also have a name, a person you know either in person, online, from a book, etc that has your admiration. Someone that makes you feel you can do it or that does things the way you wish one day to be able to achieve.


From my real life I admire my best friend's dad. He is great with paintings and lately has become active again, seeing his picture slowly take shape is wonderful and motivating.


From online, when i joined my first form I used to like the well done fanart from a girl named Adele, at some point I drew good enough to notice imperfection in those drawing that looked so impeccable once upon a time. Then through deviantart, following fanarts I found other people. One of them Saiman, was great because she had OC, and I could relate to her blogs where she had enormous stories she was trying to write down while also drawing... at some point I learned that these two were the same person. The gap between those old pencil drawings and these realistic, detailed digital paintings made my admiration for her to grow even more.


Now, show us your muses. :D

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