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Welcome to the Dark Side

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    Settling In

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I am Reever, and before you roll out the red carpet, you should probably know, that I am here not to socialize with you, but to joust with you. I am not friendly or nice, I am the enemy and should not be underestimated. You will undoubtedly find my views hard to swallow, but that's the fun of social diversity. To quote from the movie Libertine, "I don't want you to like me."



With that said, I look forward to finding among you a worthy opponent. The odds are slim, but maybe one of you has what it takes to step into the arena with me and put up a respectable fight. I usually leave opponents curled up in fetal position crying bitter tears after just one post, but maybe you'll last for two.



A little about myself. I am a major shareholder in the GANG (Gambling, Alcohol, Nicotine, and Guns) and also invest heavily in other "Sin" stocks. I have a deep loathing for commoners and I play the stock game kind of like a video game, where the money I make represents my contribution to commoners in their most noble ambition to inflict misery upon themselves and one another, and to reduce their numbers. Not all of my contributions however have been from behind a desk. I have also served in the army so that I could pull the trigger myself. Why should you guys have all the fun? My hobbies include adrenaline charged sports like wake boarding, base jumping, hang gliding, and skydiving (to name a few). I also like cruising in my convertable beemer out on the open road, though sometimes I like my scenery a bit more blurry so I take my 911 Turbo out for a spin. The chicks tend to favor the BMW though (Something to do with G forces). Anyhow, enough about me. See you in the arena.






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