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Small minds, big picture.

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It never ceases to amaze me just how trivial the interests of common folk are. Fluff and nonsense. Here are a few things to try and wrap your minds around that I'd like to get your opinions on.



1> Ocean circulation is slowing as a result of global warming. When this slowing reaches a certain point, the oceans will become starved of oxygen, killing most aquatic life. Eventually, and probably very quickly, this will lead to an explosion in the growth of sulfer eating anaerobic bacteria which release hydrogen sulfide as a biproduct of their life process. For those of you not well versed in chemistry, hydrogen sulfide is a heavier than air gas that is extremely deadly to oxygen breathing life forms. Scientists now believe that 4 of the 5 most recent mass extinction events were caused by this gas-chamber effect, and one by asteroid collision. If the Earth continues to warm, you may find a cloud of death one day wafting over the horizon in your direction and die soon after to the aroma of rotten eggs.



2> A company called Monsanto (of which I own a lot of stock) has big plans for the worlds food supply. Known for such marvels of technology as DDT, Agent Orange, and PCB's, Monsanto now has in their possession the power of genetic patents. It may not be news to some that the company has long been getting permission to plant its genetically modified crops upwind of organic farming operations so they could run them into bankruptcy. The way that works is like this, they start by spraying their extra potent pesticides on their pesticide restistent frankenfood to have it carried on the wind to the organic fields, wiping out all but the GMO cross pollunated plants. They then use those surviving plants as evidence of patent violation and sue them into the ground. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The pesticides along with the funky pollen generated by their GMO's weaken the immune systems of bees and other pollunating insects, leading to an epidemic of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). The extra toxic pesticides also cause pests to become more and more resistent, making conventional pesticides (like those used on non-GMO crops) ineffective. But why, you may ask, would anyone want to virtually wipe out pollunating insects? Well, because Monsanto can then make the world fully dependant on crops grown from terminator seeds (Seeds which produce a sterile crop). See where this is going?



So if I can pull your attention away from the latest celebrity gossip or twitter fluff for a moment, I'd like to get your opinion regarding these matters. Are they of any concern to you?










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1.  Unfortunately many people either don't realise this is a nonlinear relationship (potentially reaching a 'point of no return' before it becomes obvious to all) and/or don't care because they will probably be dead by the time something like this happens (and don't care what happens to future generations).

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